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October 19, 2012 by Liz

Starting the day exhausted and dragging, finally here.  Skulked into to the second half of Writing for Video Games.

Thoughts after the break.

Two hours and a very large cup of coffee later, we’re back online! First panel of the day (of which we missed the first 30 minutes), was a panel on writing and creative design in video games.

“Writing for Video Games:”

Steven: Pretty interesting, though very little talk about actual writing for games. Most was about how the design and memory factors influence how linear or non-linear a game can be. Also good to know that the modding community is still considered a prime way to get your name and work out there.

Liz: Starting the day off in nerdville. The nerd preacher to the nerd choir. Still, a good amount of girls in the room so there might be hope yet!

“The Art and Craft of Comedy”

Liz: Funny writers, good to know stand-up is not required. Turns out most comedy movies are hybrid genres, which is nice.

Steven: Comedy is a tricky beast, but underlying themes need to still be universal truths. Craig Mazin says it is okay that I’m a little bit girly and Kevin Hart won’t sound Jewish.

Now, lunch!

“Writing Teen Dramadies”

Liz: Teen Dramadies will always remain relevant.  adults tend to suppress emotion and problems as they get older.  Teen Dramadies as a medium allow for acting out overdramatic emotion.  Normal complications become life and death, but are important to resolve and allow for teens and adults alike to process and relate.

Steven: I’m pretty sure there was far more swearing in that panel than the moderator was comfortable with. Moderator: “So what do you feel the implications of your depictions might have on young women and their self-image?” Marty Noxin: “I wrote the cry and f*** scripts and there were anal rape scenes in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo!”

Next, “Marvel vs. DC”

Liz: Far less geeking out than I was hoping for, but a few good snippets comparing the two franchises. However, there was far more discussion on making movies from comic books than the differences between Marvel and DC.

Steven: Some good geekery, but a lot of great nuggets on what makes a Marvel character different than a DC, and it was good to hear the practical frustrations about making movies based on comic book properties and why things like crossovers are incredibly difficult to pull off legally, even if they’re with characters from the same series.

Following the panels, AFF hosted a BBQ over at the French Legation. As much as standing in the sun with free beef and beer sounded fun, we declined and opted to head to the Alamo Downtown for a screening of the restaurant documentary Spinning Plates. The film was incredibly moving and incredibly emotional, and certainly warrants it’s own post.

Since we had some time to kill before heading to the Ritz, we decided to take a stroll downtown. We stumbled across a little bakery/beer garden, which is already a winning combination, called Easy Tiger. What could have been a dive turned out to be an Austin salon, full of modern Bohemians and flowing with craft beer and people with laptops. When the time came to head to the theater, Steven tried to invoke the Beerfest clause: “You go, I’m never leaving this place!”

After the morning’s rough start, we called it a night following the screening and took the train (yes, there is a train in Austin. One.) back up to CinemaSnackBar HQ. Long day tomorrow!


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