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October 18, 2012 by Liz

Instead of boring you with a long list of what we’ll be doing for the next 4 days, how about we “live” blog as the fest goes on.

Good?  Good.


Commencing soon:

“A Conversation with Marti Noxon”
Yes, ladies and gents.  A writer of great import to the Whedon obsessed CinemaSnackBar team.  Stay tuned for after panel thoughts.

Good tidings and stuff,

Post Marti Noxon:
Liz: Love her, brilliantly funny and witty. I can see why Joss Whedon gets along with her. Two words: bipolar mom. Although now I know who to blame for “Bad Eggs.” What a shame.

Steven: Her advice surmised, “Fuck theme and watch Homeland.”


Next: Setiquette, a panel about how to work on a TV set.

Post Setiquette:
Steven: If you’re a writer on TV you’ll be expected to be the expert of your episode. If you’re a writer on a feature, enjoy the buffet and keep your mouth shut.

Liz: Interesting people and information on behind the scenes on good shows, but nothing on how to get there and a lack of focus on behalf of the panelists.


2 Tito’s vodka tonics and kebabalicious later, we’re on the way to film viewing pleasure.

First film, “Missed Connections,” a film about a guy meeting ppl through Craiglist’s missed connections section.

Second, “The Sessions,” a film with Helen Hunt about a sex therapist.

Third, lesson for tomorrow, bring phone charger. This will be last update until midnight post wrapping up Thursday.


Update and Wrap-up:
Missed Connections was a straight-forward, fun film. Standard romantic comedy with nice wit.

The Sessions was great. John Hawkes was incredible as Mark, a polio afflicted man, and William H. Macy amazing. Great story and fantastic acting.

After long night at the after party, we’re ready to go for day 2.


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