“Scott Pilgrim” and Larb: The Perfect Pairing

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August 16, 2012 by Liz

Sci-fi week at the Paramount Theater constitutes what I would consider one of the highlights of the film scene in Austin.  While I adore the Alamo Drafthouse for the comfort and convenience of being able to eat and drink while watching the latest movies, the bill at the end of the night can sometimes creep into the selling my organs territory just to enjoy a movie.  Throughout the AC-seeking Texas summer months, the Paramount Theater screens a myriad of classics for their Summer Classic Film Series.  It’s my husband and my time honored tradition (see previous post).  After enjoying a thoroughly rousing viewing of The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) last night, we ventured on to see Forbidden Planet (1956) tonight.

Of course, like all exciting and fun things… it was cancelled.  Projector maintenance something something something.  Heartbreaking.

Onwards and upwards we went, trying to decide in our ravenous after work state of mind what the hell we were going to do.  Do we salvage the night and go home and work?  Do we go home and watch the dauntingly filled Netflix queue?  How soul-sucking and like every other day for us.

Much to his chagrin, my beautiful husband gave in to my whining and begging and we stopped off by my favorite Thai restaurant for my favorite dish to take home and enjoy.  Larb, traditionally called Laab Neua, is a very, very spicy ground meat dish.  It’s considered a meat salad (yes, this sounds gross to me as well), but in reality it’s a soft finely ground spiced-meat sauté served alongside a portion of rice for spooning the meat over and a tidy little pile of fresh cucumber and carrot to sprinkle on top all to be lightened with a sliver of lime for optional squeezing.

Source Wikipedia

It’s.  Tran.  Scen.  Dent.

The spicy sour meat over the soft floral jasmine rice contrasted with the fresh juicy cucumber is to die for.  Of course, with the serving style, each Larb experience is different in layering style and ratio flavor profile.  Steven takes his as mostly rice and some Larb for flavor (spice and he are not friends) with just a random smattering of cucumber.  I, on the other hand, pile mine high with everything imaginable.  Rice? Check.  Larb in abundance? Check.  Cucumber, carrots, lime juice, that little sprig of cilantro they assumed wouldn’t be eaten?  Check, check, check, and HELL YES CHECK!  Definitely a dish ideal for sharing and customizing to the heart’s content.

Now, Larb can be enjoyed just as a late night drunk-o’-clock meal, however, the best part of tonight’s dish was enjoying the invigorating flavors while also savoring one of my favorite geek films: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010).

Scott Pilgrim is Rocky Horror for the Nintendo generation.  It’s quirky, off-beat and totally doesn’t make sense unless you grew up immersed in the fantasy of Zelda quests and Mortal Kombat tournaments.  This nerd-fest love story was heightened that much more by the spicy one-dish comfort food of the Laab Neua, curled up on the couch inducing maniacal giggling and bouncing geeky excitement.

On a night like tonight, where the week seems to be endless and the tasks looming forward seem unforgiveable, Scott Pilgrim and Laab Neua were the perfect solution to thwarted movie-geekery.

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