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August 10, 2012 by cinemasnackbar

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, in a world that never cared about a box of chocolates: came a blog so epic, so very exciting that no one knew what to call it.

So here we are to declare to the world our intentions.

I’m Liz Kogan, film and television buff, extreme foodie, and just another normal Joe.  Okay, I would be normal, except for the being a huge nerd, married to a huge nerd, connected to a group of friends who are HUGE fucking nerds, and generally reveling in my nerdiness.  Need proof of that nerdiness?  See Princess Bride Engagement, Firefly Photo Session, Airplane Birthday Party, Bohemian Rhapsody Singalong at Wedding, etc.


Steven Kogan, screenwriter, gamer-nerd, and lucky husband of above-mentioned woman. I’m the kind of guy who thinks way too hard about things like characters and lore in video games and then gets in fights on the internet about things like “Who would win: Captain Kirk or Captain Hammer?” My wife and I share a love of great food, great drinks, great movies and big honking arguments about generic expectations before bedtime.

The purpose of this blog is to provide you all with a slew of awesome movie reviews with some food suggestions/recipes/critiques interspersed.  We hope you’ll join us along this journey as we embark into the blogging world with a loose grasp of morals and a keen sense of just how tiresome we can be.

Peace out Bitches!

*Liz and Steven*


Speak Your Peace

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